Exploring Alberta.

So, as I have mentioned in some of my previous blogs as well, recently we decided to explore the beautiful province of Alberta. For the most part of the trip we travelled to the southern part of the province.

Day 1: We reached Calgary and as our flight was delayed it was already noon when we started our day. As soon as we landed we took our car rental and headed towards Banff so that we can cover some of the spots from our list on the first day. On the way to Banff, we stopped for a bit at Ghost lake. As the place was too crowded, we moved to our next stop which was at Two jacks lake and Lake Minnewanka. Chilled there for a bit and then moved onto our next stop which was Bow Falls. As Banff was under the heatwave at the time we were there, the water fall was big relief after a whole day of outrageous heat and crowded places. As the sun set down, we ended our day chilling at the hotel and planning for the next day.
Day 2: The second day was a bit of a mess and everything was so chaotic that we didn’t really go anywhere but I still enjoyed the whole process of doing everything. Starting the day, we returned our car and picked a new one as some of our friends planned to join us on the second day of the trip. At this point things started to get a little bit messy. The car rental locations were so packed that we almost waited 4–5 hours to pick up our car. After picking our car, we went for quick grocery shopping. As it was getting dark we went to grab a bite at an Indian restaurant named “Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine” and the food was so good that we had a take out on the third day as well. Ended the day relaxing and recharging for the preceding day in our Airbnb.
Day 3: The second last day of our trip was pretty exciting and motivating as well because everyone wanted to explore as much as they can. So, our first stop was at Vermillion Lake. The lake was a really peaceful spot and was not at all crowded. After that we hiked the Johnston Canyon Lower Falls. Next up, we went to the most awaited destination, lake Louise and lake Moraine. I don’t really have much to say about the day other than, that I really enjoyed all the locations that we went to and it is really a blessing that we have so many amazing places to explore around us.
Day 4: On the last day, we had to check out early from the Airbnb so we decided that we can go for a quick relaxing dip in the hot tub in the morning. After checking out, we started moving back to Calgary and had lunch there. We had a returning flight at 8 PM so we decided to explore Calgary for a bit. As it was raining the whole time so we saw everything from inside the car. After strolling through downtown Calgary, we went back to the Airport and boarded the flight back home.